Ladies, if you’re anything like me – you find yourself spending a fortune on maintaining your appearance! From clothes to shoes, makeup and hair… the list goes on! Being a woman is tough, right?!

This is why I love freezeframe products so much – the clever team at freezeframe has done all the thinking for you and created a product that doesn’t only save you time, but also saves you money in the long run.

It’s no secret I love having luscious lashes and it is safe to say I have tried it all: lash perming, lash lifts, eyelash extensions and false lashes. Not only are all these methods time consuming and costly – they are also extremely harmful to the health of your lashes.

Which leads me to freezeframe INSTANT LASH XTREME! This product is a super black tube mascara with 4mm synthetic hair extensions built into the formula. We call this the ugly brush that will give you beautiful lashes! The brush is also super thick and really gives you that full lash effect! You can apply several layers of INSTANT LASH XTREME to build length upon length to your lashes.


You only need to checkout my before and after to notice the huge difference INSTANT LASH XTREME really makes to your lashes. My eyes look instantly more open and more beautiful. I constantly get asked on a daily basic whether my eyelashes are real or fake… “INSTANT LASH XTREME” – need I say more?


And the great part about this product is that the product wont budge throughout the day/night! It is also water resistant which means you could even go swimming with INSTANT LASH XTREME on your lashes. It is so easy to remove once you are done… It’s like magic – it won’t come off with water alone, it won’t come off with pulling or friction alone – but mix the two together and your extensions will simply slide off from your lashes in seconds.


So if your after full lashes with tonnes of volume and length – stop using harmful method to achieve this because freezeframe INSTANT LASH XTREME will give you the same effect instantly, whilst saving your precious time and your pocket too!

Sceptical? Try it yourself, you’ll see that INSTANT LASH XTREME really is the answer to luscious lashes!