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24 hour collagen cocktail

Finding the perfect moisturiser can be tricky during change of season. If you are looking to start and end the day with luminous and radiant skin, you will never leave the house without the COLLAGENESIS DAY & NIGHT.

This two in one moisturiser is both lightweight and non-greasy in consistency and perfect for all-day wear under makeup as well as intense cellular repair overnight.

With summer on its way, I have already started changing my skincare routine and products to prepare my skin for the hotter season. When people ask me about the benefits of using a day and night cream over the conventional day cream and night cream, I always list the top 3 benefits of using a 2 in 1 day and night cream.. It’s a great way to save time and money and of course travel-friendly as it’s perfect for air travel, not to mention the amount of space you can save in your luggage!

One of the most common obstacles is the hesitation and uncertainty about the formulation of most day and night creams on the market. COLLAGENESIS DAY & NIGHT uses breakthrough technology and a combination of clinically proven age fighting actives and ingredients to help repair, restore and replenish cellular damage.

It is specifically designed to target the glycation process which causes dullness and wrinkles resulting in premature aging and compromised barrier function.

To explain this a bit more, let’s look at the skin repairing benefits:

If you are after a powerful anti-aging product that you can use both during the day and night, add this amazing product to your daily routine!

And why not boost your results by using the entire inside out range? This trio will leave you feeling youthful inside out!