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5 ultimate tips to look your best this easter

look your best easter

Easter is almost here and it is possibly the best holiday in terms of putting your best look forward. And while the majority of the world celebrates Easter in full Spring bloom and have various outdoor activities under the sun, we in Australia are in the middle of Autumn right now. The turn of the season is the best time to freshen up your look and welcome this great holiday looking your best, inside and out. This is why we have created a list of the ultimate tips to get you in tip-top shape and make you the queen of Easter.


If you have not yet started exercising, there is no time like the present. Embrace the new season with a great pair of trainers, and hit the gym, jogging parks or take up yoga. If you have already been doing this during Summer, just keep it up. Not only will this exercise regime immensely enhance your appearance, but working out also helps with blood circulation and metabolism. Besides, nothing helps get rid of the toxins like breaking a good sweat. In turn, when your blood flow is great and you have learnt how to breathe properly, your skin will instantly become healthier and more glowing. What’s more, a larger intake of water during exercising will further hydrate your skin and keep its youthful-like elasticity. Exercise is particularly important before the holidays, especially if you want to indulge in all those Easter treats, such as the hot cross buns and yummy chocolate eggs.


Stunning beauty, of course, comes as a result of proper skincare. Turn to cosmetics with natural ingredients and nourish your skin to perfection. More and more people are turning to natural products, and the cosmetic industry followed suit, so now you can find natural and safe cosmetic products almost anywhere. Treat your face to a COLLAGENESIS O2 MASK collagen face mask by freezeframe. Do not forsake face serums, cleansers, as well as day and night creams – each of these products plays an important role in giving you a great complexion and a face that is imperfection-free. Speaking of natural beauty, the subject of tattoo removal has become a rather buzzing one. According to a 2012 study published by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, about 25% of Australians below the age of 30 who have inked their bodies are willing to have their tattoo removed. Since Easter symbolises a fresh new start, this might be a perfect time to consider undergoing a laser tattoo removal treatment. This way, by the time it arrives, you will return your skin its natural look and glow, making it all clear and healthy. You might have made a wrong choice once, but there is always a way to correct that.


In the holiday spirit, but also in the spirit of sticking to natural beauty, go for products that are light and not overbearing on your skin. Try freezeframe BB BLUR both to moisturise and protect, and also cover the imperfections, thus giving you that Instagram-worthy look, just in time for holiday photos. Top off the look with some highlighter to accentuate your facial features and give your face a luminous glow. Also, do not be afraid to rock a bright lip colour, something in the coral family is the perfect choice for a festive occasion. Autumn colours are also a great choice if you want to blend in with your natural surroundings and look like an Autumn goddess.


If you have been thinking of going a shade or two lighter this season, this is the perfect timing to take the plunge. Blorange and bronde are the new hair hues de jour, so why not jump on this hot and trendy bandwagon and give yourself a little brightening makeover, especially as these hues are perfectly in sync with the upcoming season. As for hairdos, all types of braids are super cute and very on trend this season, and you will look adorable for the Easter family gathering.


Having fun is one of the greatest beauty tips of all. Make sure to spend this Easter with people you love and who make you feel good. This is the best beauty treatment you can get for sure: you’ll enjoy and laugh while your eyes brighten and your skin glow naturally. Everyone will notice that and you’ll feel great about it.