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A night to remember

night to remember

It’s no surprise that the saying: “I need my beauty sleep”, is a commonly used phrase as scientific evidence points out the beauty benefits of getting a good night’s sleep – from combating dull skin, fine lines & wrinkles and premature signs of aging.

During your well-deserved resting period, not only does your body and mind go into a state of recovery, your skin is also taking time to repair itself, fighting those pollutants and free radicals accumulated during the day.

In our state of slumber, our skin cells are fast at work repairing and regenerating. Even research shows that our skin cells regenerate faster while we’re sleeping, so why wouldn’t we use a night cream that maximises this repairing process?

freezeframe NIGHT is by far my favourite member of the freezeframe family and now there’s even more reason to love it as it’s updated formula adds to its night time superpowers.

Packed with skin vitamins and nutrients, this clinical formula contains scientifically proven levels of the most powerful wrinkle relaxing peptide available. Used regularly, you will see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of expression wrinkles in just 28 days when used every night.

Sagging skin and drooping contours are common ageing concerns that anti-wrinkle injections just can’t fix, why is that? although Botox® is a powerful muscle relaxant targeted in the treatment of wrinkles, as the structure of the skin’s matrix weakens we start losing our collagen and elastin levels, something only a facelift will fix right?

Now help is literally “at hand” as freezeframe NIGHT’s powerful facial lifting technology acts like a mini facelift by restructuring the skins bio matrix, literally knitting it back together, re-densifying to create a firm and elastic support network.

In just two weeks you will see a substantial difference in the look of wrinkles and feel the bounce back of your skin as it’s elasticity starts to restore.

freezeframe NIGHT contains 2 Topical Micro Injection technologies, both clinically proven to visually match those of injections- topical line filling equivalent to a collagen injection and topical wrinkle freezing with visible results rivalling Botox® injections with skin structure brought back to baby’s skin in just 3 months.

The results speak for themselves, with the same visible impact as a Collagen Injection in 15 days, a Botox® injection in 28 days and a mini facelift in 84 days.

freezeframe night is a truly a one stop shop for all aging concerns, containing a Botox® alternative, a collagen alternative and bio-lifting technology it’s the ultimate night cream high achiever.

In fact, I love the texture and benefits of freezeframe NIGHT cream so much, I even use it during the day, just add sunscreen and you’re on your way to perfectly protected, younger looking skin.

So the next time your resting your body, think how am I repairing my beauty?