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“Beauty is Pain“, is a well know saying referring to ‘self-inflicted pain’ in an ongoing pursuit of beauty and youth. ‘It hurts to look this good’, ‘No pain, no gain‘, ‘The pain passes but the beauty remains‘ – such phrases have become mantras.

The Ancient Egyptians used a copper, lead and soot version of Kohl as eyeliner. As glamorous as they looked, these materials would actually seep into the skin and cause irritability, insomnia and mental decrease. They believed that the ingredients would provide protection from sun glare, eye infections and restore poor eyesight. Even back then woman were doing crazy things in the name of beauty.

Let’s not forget the ancient Chinese tradition of binding the feet. Women would tightly bind the feet of young girls to prevent the growth of their feet, this made them appear wealthy but it was also excruciating!

The list of horrific and painful beauty trends from history are endless and usually resulted in the woman being in agony and permanently injured or disfigured. Modern day practices are surely not as severe or painful but they still can be pretty unpleasant.

We have things like vampire facials; which is the process of taking blood from the patient and processing it to create platelet rich plasma; they then inject it back into the face of the person. The platelets stimulate the collagen and elastin in the skin giving the patient a youthful look. Sounds fun right?

Waxing and laser – woman will go to great lengths to have smooth hairless skin, even if it does require painful electrodes or waxing.

Botox® or fillers can be pretty painful too! Sticking a needle in your face can’t be pleasant! And lets not forget botulinum toxin is one of the most toxic substances known to man.

Women have always been obsessed with their looks but does it need to be so painful to be beautiful?

The answer is no!

freezeframe makes a variety of amazing skincare products that do the same job as some of those painful surgeries. Whether it be on your body or on your face – freezeframe have a painless solution! All freezeframe products have either short or long term effects – in some cases, both! So forget about putting yourself through all the pain and suffering!

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Beauty can be painless <3