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Boost your skin's collagen

boost skin collagen

We all get so busy in our daily lives that sometimes we forget what’s most important.. to look after number one – YOU! It’s the little things we can do for ourselves now that will make all the difference to our skin health and wellbeing in the future.

Ladies, it’s a scary thought that as early as our twenties we start to lose the collagen in our skin… and our skin is 70% collagen, so losing it really does pay a toll on our appearance! But it doesn’t have to be all down hill from here if we start to look after our skin now. There are ways you can boost collagen & renew your skin and my favourite way is – freezeframe’s COLLAGENESIS range.

In this 3 product range, I have discovered a product that really does work and the best part of all is… it’s a DAY & NIGHT treatment in one tube! So not only do you save money on purchasing two different creams for day and night – but you also have that 24 hour protection for your skin!

COLLAGENESIS DAY & NIGHT cream works to reverse the visible signs of aging caused by glycation (when sugar destroys collagen!). This 24 hour clinically proven collagen cocktail will boost the collagen and elastin within the skin – giving a more lifted youthful look.

An incredible anti-glycation technology within COLLAGENESIS DAY & NIGHT’s formula actually stops the breakdown of collagen and is clinically proven to reverse 20 years of gylcation damage in just 4 months. This is teamed with a powerful marine collagen peptide with a low molecular weight for superior absorbability & collagen boosting peptides for dramatic results fast.

If you pair COLLAGENESIS DAY & NIGHT with the daily ingestible supplement COLLAGENESIS INSIDE OUT and weekly treatment COLLAGENESIS O2 MASK – you will see even more dramatic results!

Just imagine… looking up to 17 years younger in just 4 months. Not a bad thing at all! And when I say 17 years younger I mean that you’ll have a huge reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, have a tightening on top of the jawline and you will see a reversal of dull, grey or yellow skin as well a bright, even skin tone!

We all want to look our very best and sometimes aging can make us feel less confident and not as content with our looks and that’s why it’s important to invest in good skincare products that not only give you real results but also reward your skin in the long term.

This is why freezeframe is such an amazing skincare brand – they have products for your every day woman who is looking to improve herself and have a little luxury while she does it. And I’ll tell you now – no matter what you purchase from freezeframe’s skincare categories, you will always feel a sense of luxury when you use them. The texture of the creams are velvety smooth and feel so heavenly on the skin.

Treat yourself and look after your skin now and in the long term. There is never a bad time to make a positive change in your life, so why not start today.