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easy exercise for the working women

As a society we have a real tendency to complain about the things that are good for us. Exercise being one of these things! It’s about time that instead of seeing exercise a laborious task that we change the way we think and start to realise all the benefits of living a healthy active lifestyle can deliver including more energy and great skin.

The facts are that in this day and age everybody is busy with a whole list of things: work, children, studying, travelling it never stops, but it’s still essential to do something good for yourself!

The type of exercise you choose to really depends on your own individual goals. For the purpose of this blog I have chosen to share with you a workout that is designed for the busy woman that you can complete in roughly 30 minutes either in your own home, gym or park and will assist in toning and firming the body, weight loss and overall cardiovascular (heart) health.

The key to effective exercise in short time periods is getting your heart rate up to about 60% of your maximum heart rate in as little time as possible; sitting at medium to high intensity will mean you will get the most out of your work out in terms of burning calories, toning the muscles and shredding the weight.

Exercise Target Zone Chart: http://tylerrobbinsfitness.com/blog/heart-rate-zones

To complete this work out follow these simple steps.


A: In this you want to get the blood flowing through your muscles and joints. Perform 2 -3 different stretches each for the lower and upper body – keep in mind that if you have any concerns about exercise or pre existing injuries that you consult your doctor before completing any physical activity.

B: 3 minute run: This can completed on the treadmill or outside of your home (I live in a cul-de-sac that’s inclined & so I run up and down this twice).

This should be a fast paced jog to get the body moving and heart rate up – I would advise to put as much effort into this warm up as possible. Over time see If you can take the jog to 4 minutes then 5, 6, 7 and so on this is for a number of reasons.

1. Increase anaerobic health

2. Improve cardiovascular health

3. Allow you to build endurance

4. To ensure your routine does not plateau

5. To measure your fitness gains – the further you can run without feeling tired or puffed out is a good indication that your work outs are effective and your fitness is improving.


This is the core part of your routine: pick 3 exercises from the hard category and 2 from the easy category. Complete each exercise for 45 seconds followed by a 20 second rest and repeat the circuit x 3 or 4 times depending on how much time you have.

A: Jump squats x 45 seconds

B: Step & high knee – use a stable step up this can be in the form of a park bench, fence or chair.

C: Push up x 40 seconds – this can be done in the traditional form or on your knees. You can also switch this up by completing narrow armed push ups

D: Ball throws – using a medicine ball

E: Walking lunges

F: Mountain climbers


A: Sit ups

B: Sumo squats

C: Plank

D: Leg raises


If you are in a gym something like rowing works really well for a cool down or a slow walk include stretches starting from the lower body and making your way up to your neck – Walk / run for three minutes and stretch for two.

And there you have it a simple, quick, cost effective, excuse free, work out! Start today, complete 2-3 times a week minimum & I promise you will start to see rewards of all your hard work in no time!