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Love yourself silly

love yourself silly

It’s February and the day that is most loved and sometimes despised by others is fast approaching. Yes, the international day of love… the day of St Valentine is just 11 days away and counting.

With the all-important day just around the corner – you may be thinking what’s he getting me? Or if you’re like me, what am I buying myself? Whatever you have install for this valentine’s day there are 3 things that a girl should always have whether you receive them as a gift or have to buy them yourself! Welcome to freezeframe’s ultimate gift guide, the perfect place to find your perfect face today and forever!


Every girl wants to have flawless skin and my lord, every girl deserves it! Kiss goodbye freckles, uneven skin tone and imperfections and say hello to smooth, shine free, poreless, perfected skin with amplified radiance. This bb gel transforms on the skin to match your shade and will give you instant radiance for that perfect date night look.


There is nothing better than some dark, sexy & luscious eyelashes on date night. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul… well this Valentine’s be sure to bat those fabulous long lashes!

TINT & GROW is one of the best lash lengthening products on the market! Applied like you would a liner.. simply cover your lash line with the product and let the natural dark tint work its magic on your lashes!

The formula works to gradually tint the lashes whilst also stimulating lash growth at the very same time, meaning that you are essentially growing your own lashes. No need to spend $$ on faux lashes and no more lash damage as a result of harsh glues used in lash extension salons and best of all – look amazing all day long!


Luscious lips are a sure fire way to steal a cheeky kiss any day of the year let alone Valentines Day..

Get the perfect set of lips with LIP INJECTION! You can achieve a more full & plump pout now and forever without a single needle in sight.!

This incredible product works, by using hyaluronic acid spheres which expand up to 1000 times their dehydrated size upon reaching underlying tissues. Apply the cream at the beginning of your makeup routine before you prime, but after you moisturise for fuller lips by the time comes to apply your pretty gloss.

Now you’ve got the perfect skin, eyes and lips and if it so happens that he doesn’t last, well at least you know these results will