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1. REVITALEYES – I can’t live without this wonder eye treatment that de-puffs and smoothes away fine lines instantly!

I am an eye cream junkie, I have tried just about every eye treatment under the sun; from balms to gels & all sorts of creams that are available on the market that claim to work wonders… But REVITALEYES is the only product that has actually shown me the results that I am after and that’s why it’s my all time favourite eye cream (no wonder it’s Australia’s #1 selling eye treatment!)!

With its easy to use pump nozzle – you can control how much REVITALEYES product you use (a pea size for both eyes is plenty for me) and I’m not contaminating the cream with my fingers unlike some eye creams I have used that are in a jar or tub.

REVITALEYES has a gel like texture that spreads really well, containing Vitamin C for brightening, tri-peptides for clinical eye area repair  & anti-aging and hyaluronic acid for superior hydration! It’s just jam packed with goodies to help smooth and brighten the eye area. It has improved my dark circles dramatically and has completely softened my fine lines!

I like to use REVITALEYES both morning and night, I apply this just after I wash my face – massaging it in with my index finger in a circular motion to help with circulation around the eye area (my little tip to help reduce puffiness). Another plus is if you love to wear a little makeup like I do – REVITALEYES also sits beautifully under make up as well!

2. COLLAGENESIS DAY & NIGHT – My 24 hour anti-aging skin cocktail in a tube!

Well after trying this anti-aging face cream, I can say that I have finally found my skincare saviour! Smooth in texture, light in weight and easy to apply, COLLAGENESIS DAY & NIGHT is my day and night all rounder.

What attracted me to this product was the catch line: ‘ Reverse 20 years of glycation in just 4 months’, as I needed an anti-aging cream that would prevent aging and help with current skin damage and hydration.

What’s anti-glycation you ask? Well who would think sugar could cause aging… well it does! Sugar attaches to our skins collagen proteins, which reduces skins flexibility and functionality – which is the main cause of premature aging, appearance of wrinkles, discolouration and sagging of the skin & nobody wants that!

My skin needed a urgent pick me up as I felt that it looked dull and dehydrated. I have a combination skin type that can get oily around the t-zone… the COLLAGENESIS DAY & NIGHT cream being light weight makes it superior to other creams when it comes to absorption & seeing faster results.

I use this cream as it says ‘day and night’. It is so convenient and hassle free as I travel a lot and taking a two in one cream makes it so much easier! I now love my new glowing & perfectly hydrated skin and I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

3. LIP INJECTION – That perfect pout all year round!

I don’t go anywhere without this lip plumping secret weapon! I have always thought my lips needed that little extra plumping. I’d often look with envy at models in magazines with that perfect pout… I mean every girl wants full luscious lips right?

I’ve tried lip serums and glosses that offer little to no difference in lip size and at the same time leave me with that annoying tingly or numbing feeling, while drying out my lips – some even interfering with my gloss or lipsticks.

freezframe LIP INJECTION gave me hope. It gave me the plump lips I’d been dreaming of without going to the plastic surgeon (I hate needles!).

LIP INJECTION not only works instantly but also gives long term results and is clinically proven to make lips look full and plump to capture lipids and stimulate your cells ability to form fatty tissue, along with hyaluronic acid that helps bind moisture to the lips – making them, hydrated, soft, and plump!

Since using LIP INJECTION I have seen increased volume in my lips and the fine lines around my lips have softened and some have even disappeared.

I apply the LIP INJECTION under my lipstick or gloss daily or as I need. You can apply this over the top of lipstick too as it works just as well.

Don’t miss out on the perfect pout and get your hands on this lip miracle!

Amanda xo