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my two soul mates

Rosehip tea has been my favourite tea in terms of its awesome benefits for health and beauty. It contains high levels of vitamin C that can build up immunity and prevent the sicknesses when seasons change.

It also helps with digestion thanks to pectin which aids in digestion by slowing the absorption of glucose. It’s also rich in iron and other sources of A, D & E, and are full of antioxidants that help combat free radicals in the body, reducing the risk of cancer.

Luckily found a perfect accompaniment for my tea that help restore the body from the inside out.

Often when the season changes my skin has a rough time adjusting and can tend to become dry – this has always been an issue for me! I’ve tried many skin care products from moisturisers, lotions and even oils – but it seem that nothing has really given me results that I am after.

freezeframe ROSEHIP PRO with 7 super oils not only repaired & hydrated my dryness but also reduced my fine lines and dark spots… AND even diminished the look of stubborn facial scars just after 2 weeks.

Moreover, I found my skin tone became more even in its colour and my complexion seemed more radiant. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this product is and how I can’t go a day without my ROSEHIP PRO super oil.

I have never come across a single product that is so multi-purposed and is completely natural in its ingredients! The 7 super oils are essential for women’s hair, skin & nails, and can improve the health, growth and texture! I no longer feel the need to use a range of skin care products, hair serums or nail hardeners – everything I need is within ROSEHIP PRO. Could you ask for more in a product?

Try your today and notice the difference in your all over skin, hair and nail health and beauty!