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The 6 clinically proven products that will get you party perfect

Serious results, without a trip to the salon – by Hannah Joseph Beauty Editor at InStyle

With the festive season right around the corner, now is the time for beauty boot camp. We’ve rounded up our favourite products from freezeframe (they’re Australia’s number one clinical skin care brand) that will have you looking, and feeling, your best.


If bold lips are part of your party arsenal (and we really think they should be!), then you’ll need LIP INJECTION. Don’t be fooled by the name – this innovative topical treatment is actually injection-free. Dab onto your lips, and hyaluronic acid spheres swell the area to promptly plump your pout and smooth fine lines, and it also works long-term to tackle uneven texture and vertical lip lines with long-term plumping effects.


Hitting the beach this summer? Of course you are. Before slipping on your bathers, apply TUMMY TUCK body contouring cream, and let the self-heating technology visibly slim the area, while the added marine peptide tightens skin and tones muscles, mimicking the effects of exercise. Sound too good to be true? Clinical trials showed a nine-centimetre visible reduction in the abdomen appearance after 28 days (tip: this contouring cream works on hips, thighs, and the upper arms, too).


Great lashes are a must for any occasion but becomes especially important during party season. LASH PRESCRIPTION can lengthen your lashes up to 46% in just two weeks and an incredible 72% in 6 weeks. It’s all down to the potent peptide technology that is clinically proven to extend the growth cycle of your natural lashes and reduce fallout. Translation: they grow longer, stay fabulously fuller, and thicker.



Late nights are fun, but they can wreak havoc on skin, especially the eye area. REVITALEYES rapidly erases the signs of stress and fatigue and imparts a smoother, brighter appearance. The powerful tri-peptide and vitamin C gel-balm formula has been clinically proven to moisturise dry skin and diminish expression wrinkles (over 40% in 7 days and up to 63% in 28 days), and it energises skin tissue and boosts microcirculation to de-puff eyes (close to 20% reduction in 7 days and up to 70% reduction in 28 days) and reduce dark circles (close to 20% visible lightening in 7 days).


Summertime means sundresses, singlets and shorts, which calls for luminous limbs. BODY BLUR SUMMER GLOW works by instantly warming the skin, creating an invisible film that hydrates, immediately evens out skin tone and blurs imperfections, like blemishes, cellulite, veins and bruises, while the high tech,



BodyFit Marine Complex helps tighten and tone the body in just 28 days. It also has both instant and long-term brightening effects. And don’t worry about staining your favourite frock – special polymer technology makes the cream both waterproof and transfer resistant. Also available in WINTER WHITE.


You know how some wrinkle-smoothing treatments can leave muscles paralysed and the face looking frozen? That’s not what happens with WRINKLE BLOCK. This ground-breaking anti-ageing stick works quickly, relaxing expression lines by up to 78% in just 30 minutes and minimising deep wrinkles up to 40% after just seven days. And for those who rely on a smoky eye and cat eyeliner to get them through New Year’s Eve, this works on eyes, too, helping de-puff the area up to 76%, after just one week.

So that’s party season beauty, sorted (you’re welcome). Now all you have to decide is, cocktail or champagne? 

Originally appeared on InStyle Magazine