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boobie blender

Have you heard the latest beauty hack for applying flawless skin makeup? Well, if you haven’t heard of the Silisponge Silicone Sponge – it’s basically a palm-sized silicone sponge that you use similarly to a beauty blender to apply skin products to your face.

As we all know – once a beauty product is released into the market, beauty guru’s all over the world start finding hacks to try to recreate the same product/result for a cheaper price!

Well, HUDABEAUTY was one of the first to spot the similarity between the ‘Silisponge’ and ‘chicken fillet’ bra inserts! So what did she do? She created a quick video tutorial demonstrating how to cut your silicone bra insert to size and then use it to apply your foundation, contour & highlight.


Huda’s video went viral and since she posted it and since then every other makeup artist is testing out this boobie hack! NIKKIETUTORIALS (a Youtube beauty maven) was the first to capture the words ‘boobie blender’!

Magazines like Cosmopolitan are now weighing on their thoughts about this odd beauty technique that has taken the world by storm. The reviews vary – some say that by using silicone instead of a sponge, that you actually get a far more flawless makeup application.

Some also say that this technique saves them money, as a regular beauty blender or brush would tend to soak up a fair bit of product – so by using silicone, you would use only as much product as you need.

Others say that its difficult to blend your foundation in and you can end up looking quite streaky! There seems to be a very particular way you need to use this ‘Boobie Blender’ and that is with swiping motions and then finally dabbing motions to diffuse any harsh streaky lines.

I personally have tried using silicone to blend my skin makeup and I found it incredibly time consuming and hard to get in to the crevices of the face with such an odd shaped sponge. I also found it to be quite a messy technique and far prefer using brushes and a regular beauty blender. However, in saying that… Once I spent a great deal of time applying my makeup with the chicken fillet – I did notice my skin makeup looked quite flawless, so I would use this technique for a special occasion if I was well prepared to spend a lot of time doing my makeup.

All in all I would say that you should give it a crack and see if this technique works for you! A little tip though: I would do this in the privacy of your own home with no company around you – it’s quite a funny look and the sound of the silicone slapping against your face it quite off-putting!

Check out the links below to see some of the reviews (both positive & negative) on this crazy beauty hack!

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