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jack of all trades

As women we are always trying to improve ourselves, whether it is longer hair, stronger nails or fewer wrinkles… the list goes on as we are never happy with what we have.

The down fall is that our insatiable list of things to improve requires an even longer list of products to combat it all – and this can be very costly, indeed!

This is why freezeframe formulated another miracle product set to target not only wrinkles but also a multitude of other issues including dark spots & scars. Did I mention it stimulates hair growth and strengthens nails too?

With the combination of 7 clinically proven and super charged oils, plus a little added free radical protection and antioxidants – this product really is the jack of all trades!

So let’s start with the effects this product has on the skin.

Clinical trials have shown that after 7 days, participants saw results in the form of wrinkle reduction. After just 4 weeks 95% of all participants saw a reduction of up to 45%. Participants in the trial had also commented on the dramatic improvement of hydration, firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Dark spots were all but gone after 4 months of using ROSEHIP PRO! It was also clinically proven to protect the skin from UV damage and nitrogen based free radicals – two of the biggest causes of dark spots.

If that wasn’t good enough, ROSEHIP PRO also has skin brightening effects with subjects saying that their skin tone was brighter and more even within 9 days of using this magical product.

And if you’re after a little collagen boost, ROSEHIP PRO has got you covered with clinical results showing an increase of network density in just 9 days, whilst also stimulating skin renewal & cellular repair.

ROSEHIP PRO is so multifaceted it not only covers all of the above but it also helps to improve circulation and barrier function.

Now I know a lot of you may have oily skin so you may be thinking this isn’t for you… never fear, ROSEHIP PRO is a dry oil and is actually designed to unblock pores, regulate sebum and also reduce inflammation.

The skin is not the only element this wondrous product targets, it also helps grow & strengthen your hair & nails.

Every woman wants luscious locks but it is often hard to grow them especially with the use of heated styling tools and the harsh UV rays of the sun. But not to worry! ROSEHIP PRO also stimulates hair growth, supports hair follicle health and unblocks the follicles while also protecting hair from heat and UV! ROSEHIP PRO can also be used to condition and soften cuticles whilst also strengthening the nails at their base!

How can one product pack so much punch you ask?

The innovators at freezeframe are always trying to make life easier for women around the world by sourcing the best ingredients, both scientific and natural and combining them to create super charged secret weapons!

This little beauty covers so many different areas you would be crazy not to try it for yourself.

Katie xo