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The supermodel secret

the supermodel secret


Since the beginning of the industry itself, models have been using secret tricks and tips to stay one step ahead in the beauty steaks of us lay people.

If you are in beauty, you would have heard the story’s about models using a hemorrhoid cream to smooth and depuff even the most party weary eyes. Well, the stories are true, but it has nothing to do with the anaesthetic or anti piles effect the cream has. It works because of one potent active ingredient called BIODYNES and it’s only one brand of the cream and it isn’t available in Australia!

BIODYNES are a Live Yeast Cell Derivative (LYCD) and are also known as Tissue Respiratory Factor due to the ability to increase oxygen uptake in cells. Their discovery is hugely significant for both wound healing and for skin regeneration. freezeframe have featured this ingredient in the new formulation of their improved BOOST SERUM!

But the amazing immediate depuffing, and the powerful skin regenerative action of Tissue Respiratory factor were only a part of the reason the scientist at freezeframe chose this unique active.

Tissue Respiratory factor is so powerful they use it on burns victims to regenerate the most severely damaged skin. Our Founder and CEO Sonia Amoroso says that “For our advanced Boost formulation, we were most excited by the fact that it makes other actives perform even better! It works as an amplifier, or a “BOOST” to increase the benefits you get from your layered treatment (applied directly after the serum). In a nutshell, it makes our treatment products even more powerful”.

They also have an incredible ability to act as an amplifier – a unique property that actually increases the effectiveness of active ingredients in products you layer over the top – so they actually BOOST the performance of other skincare treatments.

And that’s just 1 of 3 powerful additions to the new BOOST SERUM formulation

Bio-lifting and volumizing ingredients have also been added to lift and firm sagging skin or eyelids and combat the tissue loss that results in hollow eyelids, A-frame lid hooding and darkness in the corners and under the eyes. This effect is so powerful it can even work to smooth and fill nasolabial folds.

Botox alternative peptides also add to the anti aging cocktail for dramatic, targeted results on even the deepest wrinkles.

This next generation serum

  • Increases Oxygen uptake
  • Stimulates cell generation and regeneration
  • Boosts collagen and elastin
  • Stimulates wound healing (great to prevent and improve scarring)
  • Reduces Eye puffiness
  • Lifts and firms upper and lower eyelid skin
  • Fills in sunken eye lids and sockets
  • Reduces wrinkle appearance
  • Amplifies active ingredients making them perform even better

Airless Tube Technology with Rollerball a game changer

The first of its kind, the new airless tube technology allows multiple application options. Previously, a massaging roller could only work for targeted application with a tube or bottle squeezed or held upside down to release product onto the rollerball. The airless technology has all of the benefits of targeted application and massage, making it ideal for eye and specific problem areas, but it has an actuator pump which releases serum through 5 separate orifices so that you can pump the serum onto your hand for all over face use.

So whilst you may be left pondering what else those gorgeous models do to maintain their high flying lifestyles whilst still looking like goddess’ at least you have their secret to depuffed, youthful and radiant looking eyes and skin AND now you have the perfect product to achieve the very same if not better results and look!