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Never under estimate the power of dark, lengthy & volumised lashes! They make all the difference to your face – whether you’re rocking no makeup or wearing a full face, lashes will always enhance your beauty and give you a bright-eyed look every time.

Now I love an extreme long lash with lots of thickness – however I don’t always want to resort to wearing false lashes on a daily basis… This is why I have found freezeframe’s LASH range to be so amazing! Their range varies from lash tinting, brush on lash extensions, lengthening coloured mascara & even a serum to help grow your own lashes longer.

I can tell you from experience of using all four freezeframe LASH products – that they all indeed do what they claim to do and because of that, I no longer feel the need to wear as much eye makeup as I used to!

I have saved a tonne of money on salon treatments because now I have taken my beauty regime into my own hands – I can achieve even better results in the comfort of my own home with freezeframe.

I use LASH PRESCRIPTION serum every single morning and night after cleansing. I apply it to the root of both my top and bottom lashes – just as you would a liquid eyeliner. Within 14 days I noticed my lashes beginning to lengthen and by about 2 months of consistent use – I noticed that my lashes were not only dramatically longer but thicker as well!

It is so amazing to be able to grow your own natural lashes longer!

When it comes to tinting my lashes – I love using freezeframe TINT & GROW. The name says it all really… as the formula works to gradually tint your lashes, it also works to stimulate growth!

Be sure to use the product twice a day, working the product from the lash base and wiggling the wand upward to the lash tip – applying it as you would a mascara.

My little secret… I apply a little TINT & GROW to my eyebrows as well and I have found that I no longer have any gaps that need to be filled with makeup anymore! It’s really a WIN WIN!

Want to vamp up those already gorgeous lashes? This is where I love to apply some freezeframe INSTANT LASH XTREME to my lashes for that extra va-va-voom! Don’t be fooled by the tube – this isn’t your regular mascara! INSTANT LASH XTREME contains 4mm long synthetic lash extensions that easily brush onto your natural lashes, adding up to 1cm to your lashes. The formula is self-sealing as well, so there’s no need for a top coat!

So whenever I want a little more wow factor to my eyes, I reach for my INSTANT LASH XTREME to lengthen & thicken up my lashes and when I’m done – it’s as easy as using a little water and friction to gently pull off the tiny lash extensions. So you can still go swimming with it on and it won’t wash off!

Now if you’re after a pop of colour during the Spring/Summer time or even for a special occasion, why not try freezeframe’s INSTANT LASH mascaras in several colours?! My personal favourite colour is ‘Peacock’ – that gorgeous green shade of mascara really sets off any eye colour and gives the lashes a fuller & lengthened look at the same time!

If you’re not as daring – I would opt for ‘Chocolate’, as this shade compliments the eyes without looking too harsh or looking like makeup at all. Just like INSTANT LASH XTREME – INSTANT LASH contains tiny synthetic lash extensions that add length and volume to your coloured lashes.

However, unlike INSTANT LASH XTREME – INSTANT LASH has a dual end with a top coat for sealing in that vibrant colour and making sure those extensions are nicely attached to your natural lashes!

If you want to grow your own lashes, add volume and colour – then try freezeframe’s LASH range… you won’t regret it!