beautiful lashes

Ladies, we take mascara very, very seriously! Every one of us is more than willing to look for the ultimate lash-perfecting product. We want sky-high length, major volume, more curl, no flaking or clumping – and we’d love it wrapped up with a bow for us this holiday season….

Once you have tried freezeframe INSTANT LASH XTREME you will understand how amazing this lash lengthening product works on your “dream lashes”. Let’s get long, thick and curly eyelashes in just one step and in less than 5 minutes! The result will give you lash extensions that add up to 1cm length instantly.

This one-step brush uses polymer tube technology that forms a run proof, flake proof and water resistant tube to increase the thickness, length and volume of your lashes for up to 24 hours.

So if you’re not satisfied with ordinary 2D lashes, then opt for an extraordinary 3D effect with INSTANT LASH XTREME. It’s time to say goodbye to stubby lashes and hello to unbelievably long & fluttery lashes with one of our favourite lash formulas – this is no ordinary mascara!

Try it for yourself and fall in love with freezeframe INSTANT LASH XTREME!!!