The ultra slim woman can indulge in the art of layering. Wearing textured fabrics will add shape to your figure. Peplum-shaped skirts will give the impression of wider hips – for that hourglass shape! You want to avoid adding more straight lines to your shape, so stick to tops & jackets that are less boxy and fall softer along the body contours.


The athletic woman should opt for feminine & delicate clothing to really soften up the curves of the body. Deep plunge necklines will give the illusion of a fuller bust and even out the ratio of muscle vs. feminine curves. Your body is naturally quite chiseled and structured, so by wearing tops & bottoms that add a little volume, you will appear less masculine. High waisted bottoms really suit your body type as it gives the illusion of a smaller waist with wider hips!


The pear shaped woman has a great bottom already, so let’s shift the focus upward and opt for anything off the shoulder or halter neck for that extra attention to the top half of the body! Being pear shaped also means that you can get away with wearing chunky necklaces to bring focus to the chest area. Patterned skirts & pants will minimise the hips & butt – making you appear in proportion.


The curvy woman should embrace her much desired shape, by wearing high waisted pants / skirts / belts to show off that small waist. Being curvy, you should never hide behind your clothes; figure-hugging dresses look amazing on you! Try to avoid layering your clothing, as that beautiful tiny waist may get lost behind it all. Fitted & more tailored outfits will really highlight your best features!


The apple figure benefits from wearing those deeper shades of clothing for a slimmer look. Dresses with coloured panels on the sides of the body will give the impression that your body cinches in at the waist. Don’t drown yourself in baggy clothing – that only adds to your shape, instead – opt for more tailored jackets that give your body light & shade. Don’t be afraid to wear tighter fitting clothes, you’ll be surprised – you’ll appear slimmer!