Is Your New Years' Resolution Wearing Off? Here Are Our Top 4 Tips For Getting Back On Track.

Late January—that strange time of the year when the “new you” that you promised you’d become in the new year, starts to look suspiciously like the old you. There’s something about the clean slate of January 1st that inspires us to set lofty self-improvement goals, but in the midst of our busy lives, these often fall through.

A quick internet search will uncover a deluge of guides on how to stick to your new years’ resolutions. Tips on getting motivated to exercise, how to be more organised… you name it. Mobile apps, daily planners, productivity hacks—it’s difficult to know where to start.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. We’ve paired the most popular resolutions with simple steps you can take to help keep you on track and make 2024 your best year yet!

My resolution was to…Take better care of my skin
Solution: Be specific! Vague statements like “I want to take better care of my skin” offer no concrete place to start. Pick one or two daily actions, like “remember to wash my makeup off before bed” or “use an eye cream” and stick to that. Pretty soon, it’ll become second nature—and you’ll start to see results.

My resolution was to…Get fit
Solution: Find yourself an exercise buddy! Chances are at least one of your friends has made the resolution to exercise more (haven’t we all?) so get in touch and arrange regular dates to go for walks or hit the gym together. Not only will you hold each other accountable and enjoy the benefits of exercise together, but working out is way more fun when you’ve got a mate to chat with.

My resolution was to…Read more, scroll less
Solution: Make time! If you’ve been wondering how to make more time to read, carve out specific parts of the day for reading—twenty minutes before bed, or during your commute if you take public transport. It can be tempting to scroll on your phone and ignore that tower of unread books, but if you’re strict about your designated “reading time”, you’ll soon tackle that to-be-read pile.

My resolution was to…Be more organised
Solution: Start small! Before you buy that big fancy day planner and set of matching highlighters, think—what’s one area of your life you want to be more organised, and one simple step you can take to achieve that? For example, if you struggle with how to keep track of all your important dates and appointments, try setting reminders on your phone a few days before the event so you have time to prepare. Once you’ve incorporated that habit, then it’s time to tackle another. You’ve got this!

But how do I stay motivated?
Making lifestyle changes in line with your resolutions can be hard; that’s why it’s important to celebrate your small victories. Though they may not seem like much at the time, every tiny success is a milestone on the path to a happier, more confident you—and if you’re seeing progress, you’ll likely be more inspired to continue. We’re excited to see where 2024 will take you!