Spider lashes

spider lashes

Spider lashes are all the rage right now! It’s all about clumping those lashes together, spacing them out and ensuring you get those babies looking super long (spider-leg long!).

This sort of look can be worn as a demure daytime natural look with a nude lippy – letting the lashes take the spotlight. Or you could also rock this look during the evening with a contoured face & a bold lip!

Here are a few tips on making sure you get ‘the look’:

  • Be sure to use tweezers to clump those lashes together – this will help you space the your lashes out without having to use too much product.
  • Pick a style & stick to it: if your going for evenly spaced lashes then be sure to style the lashes very precisely and do the same with the bottom lashes.
  • And if you’re going for that messy look, simply wiggle the brush upwards and out to get that effortless wild lash look!
  • Minimal makeup is key to this look – the less eye shadows & liner you use on the eyes, the more that the lashes will stand out!
  • Lastly, the brows are just as key as the lashes themselves: using a clear brow gel, brush the hairs upwards to make your eyes appear even more open & awake looking.

It’s actually super easy to achieve spider lashes & stay on trend thanks to freezeframe INSTANT LASH XTREME. The synthetic fibres within its formula really assist in giving you that length – and it is absolutely buildable!

To learn how to create spider lashes on yourself using freezeframe INSTANT LASH XTREME – check out the beauty tutorial below by celebrity makeup artist Rae Morris. Enjoy! And we would love to see your results at home – so feel free to take some pictures and tag us on Instagram @freezeframebeauty