If your eyes are the window to the soul, brows are the window frame.

Brows..brows…brows!!! They can be ‘the be all or end all’ to the face. I’m sure we all know how important brows are – you only have to look at photos of yourself from years ago to see that our brows have been through a lot!

Remember those phases? The over plucked look, thick to thin, super high arches, too spaced apart, too close together, overdrawn and the dreaded ‘sharpie’ brow look from when you coloured them in so much they looked like texta!!!

I think we all had to go through these phases to realise that brow shapes shouldn’t be a fashion statement or a trend.. they should shape your face and suit you. Brows are so individual that we each have to find the shape that works for our features and bone structure.

Don’t beat yourself up about your brow situation though – even the rich and famous can’t get away from those embarrassing brow stages in life. Hope you enjoy these before and afters just to prove to you that thicker brows with less arch actually soften the face a lot more than thinner brows with a dramatic arch.



Angelina Jolie – dramatic arch, over drawn and too angular!



Gwen Stefani – way too thin, too arched and too spaced apart!



Christina Aguilera – too penciled in, no dimension and too thin!