1. Empathy & Listening

Start by expressing a genuine understanding of her past disappointments. A simple acknowledgment can go a long way.


“I completely understand your concerns, especially after trying so many products. Let me show you why freezeframe might be different.”

2. Product Efficacy & Clinical Results

Quickly hone in on the products tailored for her concerns: PIGMENT CLEAR for her pigmentation, REVITALEYES for her eye aging concerns, and the 48-HOUR WRINKLE FREEZE ice roller mask for general facial wrinkles. Emphasize the clinical results and proven effectiveness of these products.


“Did you know that PIGMENT CLEAR has shown over an 87% reduction in dark spots in just 4 weeks?”

3. Real Stories

Share short anecdotes or customer stories. “I had a customer with a similar skincare journey as yours, and she found incredible results with these products. She especially loved the REVITALEYES for her under-eye concerns.”

4. Urgency & Time Sensitivity

Recognize her time constraint but also express the value of investing these few minutes for long-term skin benefits.


“I know you’re in a hurry. Give me just two minutes, and I’ll guide you to products that have truly transformed others with similar concerns.”

5. Overcome Skepticism

Offer to showcase before-and-after imagery, direct her to genuine customer reviews, or suggest she starts with a sample/trial version (if available).

Remember, the objective isn’t just to make a sale but to provide
genuine solutions, leaving the customer feeling valued and informed.


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