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Lanoactive is made up of 100% Pure Lanolin with also plumping peptides. This is the perfect treatment to make lips look bigger whilst boosting moisture and collagen. This product is clinically proven to treat and hydrate lips, dry skin, cuticles, minor scrapes and burns. 



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Lanolin, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Tribehenin, Sorbitan Isostearate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1.

Whenever your lips, skin, cuticles need some extra hydration, use Lanoactive according to the directions below. To allow for easy dispensing, remove the cap by twisting it in an anti-clockwise direction. To release the flow of the balm, use your index finger and pull the valve outwards. Squeeze the rube gently until the product appears through the application. Apply daily to clean, dry lips or skin.

PLEASE NOTE: Lanolin is highly viscous, meaning it is naturally stiff . In the colder months, Lanolin can become even stiffer and requires some extra heat to aid flow. A trick we use is placing the product under hot water, rubbing it between your hands or keeping it in your jean pocket to assist with dispensing. Anywhere warm is perfect for your Lanoactive!

“In 7 days I looked brighter, fresher and more awake!”

-Carli Alman, BeautyCREW Editor

Customer Reviews

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beverly rixon

Love the wrinkle block want to order another

Artaylia Roberts

Unable to get product out of package. Removed the entire lid and brush and cap. Could see the yellow balm but it was impossible to squeeze out of tube. Finally soaked tube in warm water and managed to squeeze a tiny bit out. Great lip balm. Best I have tried but cap top to small to use.

Too hard to get out

I agree with other feedback regarding how hard it is to get the lanoactive out of the tube. I have tried the advice I’ve read on here but to no avail. I will say the little bit that finally came out of the side of the top of the tube felt nice on my lips. I have contacted the company, awaiting the response.

Susie Q
Product difficult to open

The rating might be higher if I could open the package. I have tried and tried but cannot work out how to open it.

Hi Susie,

We appreciate you giving us feedback.

I'm sorry you've had problems with our Lanoactive product. This one can be a little tricky to navigate but there's a few tricks that help with dispensing the product.
Since this product is made up of 100% Lanolin, it is naturally quite solid so requires a little heat before squeezing the product out of the tube. I recommend to rub the product between your hands before dispensing. The product also has a plastic lock at the top of the applicator which needs to be pushed up in order to unlock. This will also help with dispensing :) I hope these tips help!

If it is still not working, and the product is faulty, we are happy to resend a new Lanoactive out to you. Just get into contact with us by emailing customercare@selfcare.net.au and we can organise a replacement.

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