Beach bum

Are you a beach bum, but don’t have the bum for the beach?

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BUTT LIFT will leave your behind looking firmer, rounder and more lifted all in time for summer. Move aside flat butt and hello perky butt!! You will be proud to get out that high cut bikini bottom that you’ve been too embarrassed to wear and you will wear it well!

Let BUTT LIFT re-contour your bottom and re-shape it entirely, whilst you lay back and enjoy the sun. Pancake butt will be a thing of the past, and a sexy new curvaceous butt will be well noticed as you walk away!

Skeptical? Let me tell you how it works. freezeframe brazilian BUTT LIFT increases lipogenesis and fat storage to reverse the visual flattening and improve the appearance of the derrière.brazilian BUTT LIFT contains clinically proven volumising and firming ingredients which work together to plump, lift and tighten the backside to create a more proportional, curvaceous and feminine body contour.

So what are you waiting for, get summer ready with freezeframe brazilian BUTT LIFT.


Brazilian Butt Lift 100ml