Our Founder Shares her Top Health & Beauty Resolutions for 2024

With a wealth of knowledge under her belt, and years of developing skincare products for both body and mind, we turn to our founder and skin health guru Sonia Amoroso for her 2024 skincare resolutions.  

My number 1 skin resolution for 2024 is to eat for nutrition rather than enjoyment. Skin is the body’s largest organ and just like our other organs, it responds to what we put both in and on it. I spent way too much time indulging my sweet tooth in 2023 - this year I am focusing on food as function - providing the nutrients I need to fuel my body, my brain and my skin, and minimising foods that cause inflammation like refined sugars and fats. 

My holiday read was the Medical Medium by Anthony William and my key takeaways are more fruit and veggies, less protein and fat and never, never mix proteins and fats with sugar.  

2 weeks in and it’s already making a difference! 

I’m also committed to drinking more water to clean out toxins – especially in the morning, and making the time to do a weekly, or better yet bi-weekly (I can try), treatment mask. My incentive is the incredible results I get with freezeframe’s new 48 HOUR WRINKLE FREEZE. Bonus points for using before an event or party for instantly smooth, glowing skin! 

I am always diligent with my daily routine, cleansing and exfoliating with our clean & conscious skincare brand, Keep it Simple Skin, with WHIPPED CLEAN powder-to-cream cleanser, using a KISS or freezeframe serum depending on what my skin needs on any given day, and topping it off with the EYELID LIFT Serum and REVITALEYES around my eyes. During the day I never leave home without the Keep it Simple Skin SECRET AGENTa probiotic daily moisturiser, to hydrate and protect my skin, and at night-time after my double cleanse/exfoliator, freezeframe's NIGHT to deeply nourish and regenerate my skin.  

I’m so excited for the year ahead!  

Sonia x