Weird beauty trends

Hi beauties,

So I’m sure you have all noticed some crazy beauty trends floating around social media – most of which don’t work or do work but are not practical! I have put together the top 4 WEIRD BEAUTY TRENDS of 2016.


The first beauty trend is the infamous CONTOURING and HIGHLIGHTING! All you need to do is take a look at the popular pictures on Instagram and you will see contouring splashed all over it!

Although contouring actually does work to give the illusion of more chiseled features – it has now been taken to new extremes… Clown contouring took the world of beauty by storm this year! It’s a fun technique to use – although who really has the time to ’clown around’ these days!

And now, not only do people contour their cheek bones, forehead, jawline and face in general – but now makeup artists around the globe are contouring their ears, décolletage, breasts, stomachs, legs and entire body for that matter!!

Now I’m sure the end result looks amazing, but really… how practical is it to contour parts of the body when our bodies are in constant contact with clothing, people, the elements and not to mention sweat!!

This is a definite FAIL in the beauty industry – we all saw Kylie Jenner’s horrific boob contour gone wrong. Flash photography does not lie! She should have used freezeframe BREAST ENHANCER!!

contour feature


Huda beauty copped a lot of flack for demonstrating how she shaves her face on a recent YOUTUBE video! She explained that shaving your face not only removes ‘peach fuzz’ but also gives you a flawless canvas for applying makeup. Huda also spoke about how shaving your face is good for skin rejuvenation as it removes any dead skin laying on the surface on the face.

Now I can speak from experience on this one – once you shave your face the hair grows back thicker and that’s a definite ‘no no’ for any woman! I did try to ‘dry shave’ the face once – the way that Huda demonstrated… and this only left me with rashes all over my face! Another huge negative about shaving the face is that it damages the sensitive skin on the face and affects the function of the skin barrier – skin experts say this is also a real ‘no no’.

There are far superior ways to exfoliate – use a scrub or an AHA, or even try a gentler version such as an enzyme peel which remove dead skin whilst respecting the barrier and actually putting back moisture. You can papaya enzyme peeling in freezeframe HYPER WHITE – and the great news is your skin will look brighter and even tones too!

So this weird ‘shaving of the face’ beauty trend is another definite FAIL in my opinion!

face shaving


Lots of women out there are looking for non-injectable ways to achieve a fuller pout. This crazy lip plumping device used by Huda Kattan has girls all over the world trying out this suction technique to plumping up the lips.

Kylie Jenner was another one who used a lip gadget similar to this to achieve her fuller lips (before she had injections). There was also the infamous shot glass technique that flooded Instagram totally! Not only was this technique of sucking into a shot glass dangerous but it also leaves quite an unattractive mark around the mouth as well as a duck-shaped pout!

I personally tried using the device below – after seeing Huda Kattan use it – I was greatly disappointed as it left huge bruises on my lips! In saying that.. how naturally gorgeous are Huda’s lips!! Now I use freezeframe LIP INJECTION to maintain my full lips!

So this strange beauty trend is yet another FAIL!

lip plumper tool



So this weird beauty trend has been around for years and years – the NOSE PINCHER. A lot of women swear by this technique – they say it actually does reshape and slim the nose over time with consistent use.

Some also use an all-in-one cheek and nose contouring device to restructure the face! I think that this technique could in fact work – however, who actually has the time and patience to commit hours to wearing these things for a result that may or may not evolve!

nose pincher

 So that’s the TOP 4 WEIRD BEAUTY TRENDS of 2016! And I’m sure there will be many more to come! These trends come and go – but they do indeed keep us all very entertained and give us ideas on what not to do in some cases!

Hope you had a laugh or two!

Lisa Marie xx